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Thing Conference Berlin


LCC - London

This project targets riddle fans. Inspired from puzzling games, this project aims at reviving social physical interactions with brainteasers in theatrical “Folie imposée” (imposed craziness) scenarios. Placed in a public space this seemingly curious wooden box is not as easy to open as one would think. Communicating through a thermal printer, it pushes the user to solve the puzzles needed, go to the given locations and interact socially with the box in the aim of solving all the enigmas and finding out the contents of it. From rubbing to shaking to running around finding hidden spots, this box tests the limits of the user’s curiosity playing the role of a black box that never actually opens.

The concept behind The Riddler was to create an interactive object for a social environment that invites the users around it to interact with the space and the people around them. The Riddler also tested the limits of what some people are willing to do in public for the sake of puzzle solving versus others that did not seem to have any.